This Quote By John MacArthur About One's Ego Struck Me Hard...

One of the reasons why I love John F. MacArthur's hard preaching is that his no-nonsense message really strikes the sinner hard. Many people today are just fans of sissified preaching. Many people just want to feel good. When I realized that Trinity Broadcasting Network was full of "feel good" preaching, thank God I stopped watching it. Now here's a reflection on my part that why I get too easily offended. It's because I've had that elevated opinion of myself.

Just because I've become a Christian and am no longer living the way I want and I can't do it doesn't mean that I've become sinless. Some past sins can come back and haunt me. Paul in Romans 7:14-25 struggled horribly with sin and wanted full deliverance. One of my greatest problems is that whether I'm aware of it or not is that I tend to have an elevated opinion of myself. I tend to have that ego problem. Even if I may not have Haman's "bow down to me or else" problem but I tend to get mad whenever something strikes my ego. 

Indeed it's true the problem is self and pride. I've seen physically ugly people can be trapped in their vanity even if they have no physical beauty to brag about or poor people who act like they're rich. Then we have attractive people who are humble and rich people who live a modest life. It's always about the sinful nature of humanity. Being no different in terms of being born a sinner and just a sinner saved by grace, good by God's grace and not by myself, there's still that problem that I tend to have an elevated opinion of myself.